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10 Essentials for the Tour du Mont Blanc

The Tour du Mont Blanc is no doubt one of the greatest hiking trips in the world. The route is filled with incredible views, towns, and people, and it will surely be a trip we never forget. We highly recommend camping along the way as you’ll save money and experience the towns and stops along the TMB in a very different way. We’ve also published our packing list for those curious as to what they may need to bring to ensure they are equipped for this adventure. But what other recommendations do we have for those considering tackling the awesome experience that is the TMB? Here are our 10 essentials for hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc.

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Tour du Mont Blanc Art Store

We have new TMB art prints available! See below for new designs, photos and more. All designs are available as posters, wood prints, canvas prints and art prints, and come in a variety of sizes. View the full collection here.

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How to train for the Tour of Mont Blanc

Imagine the following scenario: You are hiking the Tour of Mont Blanc, the trip you’ve been dreaming about for months, if not years. The scenery is surpassing your expectations as you encounter idyllic villages and jaw-dropping vistas.  The only problem? You can hardly enjoy it because of the aching of your knees, back, and hips, not to mention a blister the size of Switzerland that’s threatening to erupt inside your hiking boots at any moment. You’ve dragged your sorry self up to the top of (yet another) steep pass, but you can’t stop long to enjoy your accomplishment because, due to your slow pace, you’re behind schedule to reach your stopping point for the day.  When you finally reach the campground, all of the best spots have been claimed by faster hikers and there’s no hot water left in the showers.  Exhausted, you sloppily pitch your tent, scarf some dinner, and fall asleep. The next morning, instead waiting around for the freshly baked bread,  you’re up and out before anyone else because you know you’ve got another 10-hour hiking day ahead of you.

This could be you if you don’t train!

Now picture this: It’s early afternoon, and you’ve just crested the first major pass of today’s hike. You’re tired, and the hike has been challenging, but you feel good.  You enjoyed a leisurely morning before starting your hike today, sipping some coffee while breaking down your campsite. Now you have time to eat lunch and soak in the views before beginning your descent.  You arrive at your next destination in time to claim a great campsite, shower, and enjoy a beer in the sunshine. You’re sore and tired, but you feel excited for another day of hiking tomorrow.

So what’s the difference between these two scenarios? Training!

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How to find all of your campgrounds on the TMB

If you’re using our Guide to Camping on the TMB in conjunction with our post on how to navigate the trek, we thought it would be helpful to provide a resource for finding your campground when using the Backcountry Navigator app on your smartphone. The following post will show you how to download customized location data for all of the campgrounds mentioned in the camping guide and how to use it with our guide to navigating the TMB. Let’s get started.

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How to navigate on the Tour du Mont Blanc

We often get questions from readers asking how we navigated during our TMB trip. Did you buy maps? Was the trail hard to find? What about finding all the various campgrounds that you stayed at? This post will explain exactly how we navigated on the TMB, show you how to use some of the awesome tools that we employed on our trip, and even provide some custom resources for those using our Guide to Camping on the Tour of Mont Blanc. Let’s get started.

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How to hike the Tour du Mont Blanc for (nearly) free

Have you checked out our Guide to Camping on the Tour du Mont Blanc, TMB Trip Report and TMB Photo Gallery? Are you itching to get started planning your own TMB adventure, but nervous about the cost of such a big trip? Well not to worry, in this post I’ll walk you through exactly how we hiked the TMB while spending almost no out-of-pocket money just by utilizing two credit card signup bonuses. Keep reading to learn more.

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New TMB art prints available!

Check out our new Tour du Mont Blanc art prints, available here! The print was inspired by the incredible views on our final day hiking the TMB. The print is available in many different sizes and is also available as a beautiful wood print (our favorite!)

Check out the beautiful wood print!

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Tour du Mont Blanc Packing List

We hiked the Tour du Mont Blanc in July 2017, camping most nights. If you’ve read our Guide to Camping on the Tour of Mont Blanc you may be wondering what our packing list looked like. Well, here it is!

Below you’ll find a detailed packing list that will provide you with great, trail-tested gear that won’t weigh down your backpack too much. This list reflects our personal packing list which will vary for each individual’s specific needs. However, this should serve as a great starting point for planning your own TMB adventure!

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Tour du Mont Blanc – Photo Gallery

A visual guide to the Tour du Mont Blanc.

Be sure to check out our Guide to Camping the Tour of Mont Blanc here!

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Tour du Mont Blanc- Our Trip Report

We hiked the Tour du Mont Blanc in July 2017 over 11 days, including one rest day. We camped the majority of the nights (see our guide to camping the Tour du Mont Blanc here) and stayed in a few fantastic Refuges and hotels along the way. You can find a plethora of information about the route on the internet and available through the recommended Cicerone guidebook, but the goal of this photo-filled trip report is to provide inspiration and motivation for folks considering embarking on this great adventure! We’ve included some basic information and reflections on each stage, but our main focus of this post is showing off some of the amazing scenery you will encounter on the Tour du Mont Blanc!

If you’re wondering what we packed for this adventure be sure to check out our packing list here!

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